Kenbridge Project / Alexo-Kelex Project

Kenbridge Preliminary Assessment Report
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Alexo Technical Report
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Kenbridge 43-101
Technical Report
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Kenbridge & Alexo Ontario Location Map

Kenbridge Regional Geology Map

The Kenbridge nickel deposit is hosted by an oval shaped gabbroic suite and has a distinct “breccia pipe” appearance. Interpretation of outcrop lithological information is slightly complicated by deformation and metamorphism (regionally up to upper greenschist facies and with overprints of local contact metamorphism), and selective exposure within the project area. The following general rock descriptions have been modified from previous detailed outcrop mapping and reports (circa 1950’s).

Kenbridge Deposit

Three principal lineament trends are mapped and reflect both syn- and post- gabbro intrusive events. Northeast-trending lineaments are the most prominent in the Kenbridge 15 area and are reflected in the shearing and faulting of the rocks. The Kenbridge Deposit coincides with the main northeast-trending deformation zone. North-, east-, and northwest-trending lineaments are also common in the region. The east-trending lineaments appear to control the larger mafic-ultramafic